Spring Has Sprung, and the

Winds of Change . . .

Continue to Blow . . .

Now we are living a new life style, an integrated, connected and fast paced life style,

we call it "eLife Style@".

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We are looking forward to a new and exciting year, 2018 into 2019 will our season of change,

Join us as the adventure continues . . .



TRC 2.0 Online Shopping

To the Family & Friends of the Technology Resource Center,

Welcome to the new TRC 3.0 Digital Platform which is now operational for your review, but still in transition. Over the next few months, as we move through winter and into the Summer Season, the final components will become available for use. Now that 2018 has come and gone, winter is here. We have been preparing for 2019 and we are excited to move forward on our new TRC 3 Digital Platform. We are now preparing for full operation and offer all family and friends an opportunity to join us as we launch into the future of our next phase of developement. We are excited and look forward to a host of opportunities that lay before us. Former users of the Technology Resource Center have been giving us great feedback on the design and functionality of the new, improved TRC 3.0 Digital Platform, as preparation is being made to fully implement the new platform and take it live. Beginning this month each week we will highlight a flashback feature for your remembrance and enjoyment. Take a look at "Flashbacks to TRC", and let us know what you think. We continue to make our past available even as we reach for the future.

A Payment Gateway was recently launched as a vehicle to facilitate our family, friends, clientele to make secured payments for products and services. We also seek donations and contributions to the Development Fund for the continued development of new projects and programs as well to help cover the cost of launching and maintaining the new TRC 3.0 Digital Platform. TRC 3.0 Digital Platform Payment Gateway is ready to accept your payments for products and services as well as all donations, contributions and our new membership drive.

We are now in our final beta stage for our "Active Social Networking Platform" and we invite you to create an account and login. You can watch us as we work on implementing this new and exciting product. We invite you to share your feedback as well, while we add and enhance our platform. In the coming weeks we will offer links to organizations that are working in the community and we would hope that you will lend them your support as well. We will also continue to serve as a source of information and knowledge as we move to the web and launch TRC 3.0 Live.

Join Us As The Adventure Continues . . .


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Clientele Link Listing

King of Kings Foundation

Todd and Lance Feurtado are ex-drug king pins and ex-gang members who made a decision to change their lives and became motivational and inspirational speakers. Their passion is to enhance and educate the lives of people whom God puts before them. Their mission as liaisons is to inform our youth and make them aware of the dangers and consequences of gun use, gang violence, drug abuse, and drug selling.

Encounters in


After thirty years of documenting varied slices of life in the African American culture Encounters in Black Traditions has moved into the digital age. We have been selected to bring EIBT into this new digital environment.

Dance Street Crusade Performing Arts Center

Digital Media Group MSP (Beta)

Digital Archive

We Welcome our International Digital Content Partner


"Playin For Money"